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Career Expert

Plan a definitive direction of your career with experts who have been there and done that themselves and have guided hundreds in the process of changing career trajectory. Career planning is a serious affair and most people leave it to chance, rather than being proactive about how the career needs to be planned for next 3-5 years, most depend on the jobs that knock at their door and thereby in the process do not achieve the full potential they can. We will work with you for a longer duration as a part of Career Expert and help you realized your potential in the long run. This is a highly dedicated program where the expert will help you identify your strength, match with your interest areas and define a future career that will make you happy and successful. Thereafter the coach will work with you to plan every move of your career with quarterly interactions and more frequent ones as you arrive at important points in the journey. The coach will be your confidant to all problems and how to deal with the critical situation, thus helping you build muscle to dealing with tough situation and evolve to being a great leader. This is a minimum year long service and can be renewed every year. 

Track Race

Career Express

Express service to help you succeed in specific point in time career needs. The needs can be of a variety viz. counseling in dealing with particular situation at work, approach for changing job, how to plan for promotion etc. With our structured approach for finding where to focus and how to win, we will help you achieve your goals with a dedicated sincere and experienced coach. Our objective will be to help you navigate your current situation or succeed in ongoing endeavors. The coach will give you various options and help think through pros and cons of various measures. It will be a planned and calculated path that we will jointly plan with you. This service is for a 3 month period and can be renewed as per your choice. 

Crossing the Finish Line

Career Instant

Career Instant is a specific need based service that candidates often have. If you want an expert to review your resume or help you prepare via a mock interview or discuss potential issues at work in a standalone meeting this will be the right service to opt for. This service is limited to one meeting whether it's resume review or mock interview. 

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